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Easy Tissue Paper Flowers

With May Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day all falling in this colourful month, what better craft to spotlight than these easy tissue paper flowers!

What You’ll Need:

• Assorted tissue paper (approx. 12”x18”)

• Scissors

• Stapler


1. Layer 6-10 pieces of tissue paper in desired color order.

2. Fold paper back and forth (accordion-style) starting at the shorter edge.

3. Find the center point.

4. Staple the center point.

5. Round the sharp corners on both ends. (Note: You can also create different flower shapes by trimming the ends to points or fringe…or experiment on your own!)

6. Gently pull up the layers from the center stapled point, shaping the petals as desired.

7. Continue fluffing and shaping the flowers to the fullest!

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